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BrokerStar is the innovative solution for brokers which is based on over ten years of business experience. Not only does it operate with the latest Open Source technology, it also meets all the specifications of the IGB2B industry standards.

Only Fixed Costs

With only the annual subscription and no extra cost, you will benefit from further advantages WMC has to offer:


    • constant expansion of software
    • access to all functions
    • daily support by phone and mail

      All Inclusive Service

      You can reach the WMC hotline every weekday by phone or by mail. Take advantage of the latest feature enhancements of BrokerStar, which are based on customer input and your wishes.

      Open Source-Licence model

      WMC’s software is freely available to everyone being built on open source standard technologies. Therefore, this eliminates investment costs for software licenses for you, since BrokerStar is based on the GNU GPLv3 licence model.

      Range of Functions

      • CRM
      • Policy Administration
      • Damage Management
      • Premiums Control
      • Brokerage/Commission
      • Document Management
      • Time/Activity Registration
      • Cost Accounting
      • Bookkeeping
      • Tender
      • Offer Comparison
      • Payments
      • Reporting / Benchmarking
      • Messaging, Office Export
      • Electronical Forms
      • Internet portal for customers
      • Electronical Data Exchange
      • XML consistently integrated
      • Outlook synchronization

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      • Adressbuch
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      Lloyd's Broker Edition

      For the special needs of Lloyds Swiss Brokers BrokerStar Lloyd's Swiss Brokers Edition was created. It fulfills the specific requirements of coverholders, underwriters and open market correspondents in Switzerland.

      Swiss Brokers

      Lloyd's Swiss Brokers Edition enables:

      • establishing certificates and policies
      • billing with ESR, paymant control and booking
      • reporting to Lloyd's Zürich
      • reporting to Lloyd's London / syndicates
      • direct access to swiss MFKs

      The design of this solution takes place after clearance with Lloyd's Zürich and leading Lloyd's Swiss Brokers.


      31.10.2018 WMC beim BrokerConvent in Bern

      Atelier: Kernprozess Rechnungserstellung

      06.02.2018 Total Cost of Ownership

      Ein klarer Blick auf das Ganze

      IG B2B Member

      WMC is a longstanding IGB2B member and guarantees to implement all processes adopted before any other broker software producer.

      Some successful examples are the automatic processing of XML files and the automated data exchange DXP as well as tender.  WMC is actively involved in several working groups of IGB2B and is therefore always at the source of new standards.




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      Learn in one of three courses how easy it is to handle broker star. Knowledge, which you are able to use immediately,  is easily taught in small groups. Log in to the online form to participate in one of the next courses.   More information such as course fees and conditions can be found on the respective course description, which is only a click away. 

      Please contact us for further information

      10 Points Warranty

      • Open Source licensing model for consistent depth annual
        Costs without initial investment
      • Electronic transaction by the insurer, from the broker to the customer - without multiple entry
      • Integrated communication for email, telephony, fax, SMS and text processing
      • IIntegrated functions for electronic archiving of documents, sales management, appointments, notes
      • Guaranteed implementation of all legal requirements and IGB2B standards
      • Guaranteed development and updates included. No additional costs
      • Entire application is web-able and accessible from any location
      • No licensing costs, even for databases, new functions and modules or updates
      • Regardless of operating systems and platforms, low infrastructure requirements.
      • Compliance with the highest safety standards at Bank level

      Online Demo

      Are you looking for a modern Broker software and want to test the functions by yourself?

      Then go visit our online demo. It provides you with a direct insight into broker star. Therefore, you will always be up to date via our test installing.  The online demo gives you access to all functions and can interactively demonstrate our solution. The use of the online demo is free and without obligation. Please remember to not enter any real data of customers, as the demo is available for everyone.

      The demo data is automatically played back every night. Hence, a test is not able to take more than one day. For this, we can set up a separate account for you by request.

      In order to test certain applications in broker star, you can use the following provided by provided files:


      Initiates file downloadCommissionInitiates file downloadCommission
      Initiates file downloadBillInitiates file downloadBill
      Initiates file downloadOrder Paper
      Initiates file downloadLogo Paper




      In order to use the online demo please enter following information:
      Login Name:demo-e


      Do you want to make it possible for your clients to access directly?

      With the "customer frontend" web module you can individually decide, which client has access to which information and services  such as policy breakdown, policy downloads, damage reports, mutations, statistics and much more. The module is sold separately and communicates directly with your brokerStar.